Of Neck Tattoos and Random Stupidity

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To let go.

One of our greatest challenges as living creatures with a very powerful intellect is to acknowledge our temporary status here on Earth. Life wouldn’t be so sweet, defeat wouldn’t be so bitter if there wasn’t a clock ticking away the moments. If there wasn’t an end, there would be no story. Like any great story, no one wants to know how it ends until we reach the last page.

We build things up in our minds to be great. To be permanent. To be FOREVER. We want our achievements, our technology…our fingerprints to live on. For a time, if we have created something special they may be remembered, or utilized. Often times however, our love and hard work sift through our mortal fingers before our very eyes. The more we struggle, the more we try to clutch the sands of life, the faster they disappear.

This doesn’t make life pointless. This doesn’t make the efforts of man vain. It merely illustrates the flexibility, humility, and humor we should apply to all things great or small. We need to enjoy and “celebrate the moments of our lives”. Much like the crappy powdered coffee drink advertisements of the 1970s advised us to do…it’s the little daily things that need to be appreciated on the way to the great things…and ultimately our ends. The story always has an ending.

Our lives have an ending.

All that is great will fade. All that is sacred will disappear. All that is loved will die.

Everything Dies.

…And that’s alright. This is as it is supposed to be. Death is not the opposite of life. Death is the opposite of birth. All that is born is living to die.

Take your breath, make it count. Eye your goals…meet them with determination, patience, and fury at once. We are chefs in the kitchen of life. Each course of life’s ultimate feast take different times to gestate, as well as specific and different methods of preparation. All must be managed simultaneously, and with aplomb. There are no breaks, there are no short cuts. Those are for the trash on the road of life. We see them, we cannot help them. They lay rumpled, in the way, a hazard to avoid. Emotional IEDs if you will.

Sadly, our society rewards the victim, and penalizes the enterprising. We cannot change this in our time, and it is a waste to do more than note that fact. Rise to the occasion of your being…and do nothing more. Nothing less. Your life is priceless, treat it as such.

Rise up.

Rise up and be great for we must in the end let go of all that we hold precious. All that we work for is unimportant, it is the working that makes our lives what they are. It is in the loving that we are defined, and renewed before our departure. Love for today, love for the rest of your days…they are shorter than you think.

Carried to dust in this lifetime, less than a blink in time. Make your life count. Live a life to be proud of…in the ending of your story it is all you shall have.


“Four in the morning the sidewalk’s asleep
Dogs on the porch,
Spiders on the leaf
Shipwrecked by night sailing through days
Nobody noticed the slipping away
Connecting the dots with thorns in his side
Boarded up the Windows with pain and with pride
The music box broken that once was his soul
Its sad little song spinning out of control
Then came the storm that washed the roads out
Closed both his eyes and pointed straight south
Second line drums marched into the sea
While the clouds overhead cried “mutiny”
They parted for Cathy and her bitter news
As her words fail and the sky grew dim
Recalled how close to that exit l’ve been
Ours not to reply, ours not to reason why
The news about William
The lifeline retreats
Desire for release
The thorns in his side”

“The News about William” by Calexico

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