God breathes.

God breathes through us all.

God exists because we are the witnesses of God. Without a witness, nothing takes place. The proverbial tree falling in the forest with no one present….

There can be no fabric without each thread being woven. Together. Woven together. Losing one memory, one event, one person, one breath…it is all ruined. All the hate all of the pain, all of the love, all of the joy…it’s all a must.

I have friends that would literally murder one another if they met. I love them. They are the balance. The hate, the love…

I love the wise, the foolish, the beautiful, the wretched….

There are tweakers rambling true words of Revelations unknowingly. The speak of God. They, the trash. The trash. Who are we? Love. Hate. Wisdom. Hokum. Beauty. Filth. Taste of it.

Taste of it.

Taste of it all.

We are vessels of our enemies as much as we are of that which we profess to love. We witness, we carry what we see, we judge, we create thought, we discourse on what we have witnessed. We are vessels. Be careful what you witness. Take care in bearing witness. Your own eyes have seen. There is no unseeing. You carry everything you have seen.

Does it please you?

God breathes.

God breathes through us all.

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