Goodspeed Hellbound


Life is a short, one-way journey. I love seeing how individuals choose to make it their own.

I love skateboarding, guns, Pitbulls, Harleys, bicycles, redheads…and am getting more into rollerskating all the time. It’s killer to see the hardest of hardcore in each of these worlds…the commitment. It makes me appreciate the hardcore of every scene when I come upon them.

This woman was SO hardcore…she lives on Kauai, HI…is a cowgirl…AND gets it on with her crazy flippin’ bling. Gucci sunglasses, huge “door knocker” earrings, crystals all over every available surface…custom bridles, and tack all over her fine steed. Super cool to see her just express herself. So up front, so INTO her life, and running hard with it. Really made me happy.

Sometimes when I am out in the world with my camera…wearing whatever it is I am wearing that day, with the longhair and tattoos hanging out…I get that quizzical look from my subjects…”WHY in the HELL do YOU want my picture?!!” as if perhaps I am mocking them, or don’t get what they are trying to convey as a person.


That’s what I am rolling with in my heart at all times.

I love life, I love those that love life, and meeting them affirms my love…

Thanks to all you “Godspeed-Hellbound” wild-assed individuals, no matter what bent you possess….


think applying this song to the woman above is somehow SO apropos to her wild disparate collection of identity…it makes me even more happy!

“Decisions that kill
And bullets that fly
Lords of inferno
That litter the sky

Schizophrenic poems of death
Machine ever after that never rests

As the world burns
Beneath the ground

The gears that grind
Shall never be still
The grudge that burns
Obsessed ’til it kills

 Shattered cries of the

Prayers never heard
War of the gods that
Drown out of words

Crashing burning all shall fade
Dead and dying here to stay

Against his maker
No regard for his fall
The winds of the west
Bow down to his call

Famine and murder
Beside from within
The vultures gather
Devouring sin”

“Godspeed Hellbound” Black Label Society….yeah, I have been rocking it HARD this week

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