I Love the Life I Live


There’s certain folks that just live the life. Things just fall into place. (Yeah, I know…it’s “There ARE”…but, “There’s” just fits my vernacular at this moment…okay?)


SO, anyhow..these folks just know what’s what, and how they need to be treated in this life. I don’t meet a whole lot of these folks, but you can see who they are often times simply by seeing what they touch. See, when I touch something on a regular basis…it’s MINE. It’s a reflection of who I am…because I care, and if I touch something a lot, I want it to be the GOOD shit.

It’s this way when I visit a premium boot shop. You can just see the owner, their history, who they are in the world, often times by touching their boots. Dig the lacing on the side seam of the tops and toe/counter….I am not going to overstate the obvious of the over-the-top material used to make the boot. But, the first person who can identify the maker and the materials will receive a Whataburger gift certificate for a large bag of onion rings.

That’s my way of introducing you to the art of “Living the Life”….

Sure, the owner of these boots loves a fine snifter of cognac and an exceptional Cuban cigar fireside in their limestone estate on those chilly nights…

But, until our boat comes in…it’s lizards, and Whataburger.

You saavy, Hoss?


” See you watching me like a hawk
I don’t mind the way you talk
But if you touch me somethin’s got to give
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

So if you see me and think I’m wrong
Don’t worry ’bout me just let me go
My sweet life ain’t nothing but a thrill
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

My diamond ring and my money too
Tomorrow night could belong to you
The girls move me at their will
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

I may bet a thousand on a bet this time
One minute later I can’t cover your dime
Tomorrow night I might be over the hill
I just want you to know baby the way I feel

You see me walkin’ as I pass you by
Don’t talk about me ’cause I could be high
Just forgive me if you will
I life the life I love and I love the life I live”

Muddy Waters